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God Unboxed

 Did you know that five out of six people will come to church on Easter if invited by a friend? Five out of six. The very best baseball players don’t have a batting average that high. Why not take a leap of faith and invite the friend you’ve been wanting to invite all year? Maybe a coworker, a relative, a neighbor, a coach, a gym buddy, or your favorite barista? Invite them all, chances are five of them will show up to church on Easter; they just need to be invited. 

There is simply no better Sunday to visit Ballard Church. Easter is the pinnacle of the Christian faith. It’s the day we celebrate Jesus’ life and resurrection. This Sunday we will be kicking off a series titled God Unboxed in which we will explore some of God’s lesser known and more unique characteristics. 
Invite a friend and join us as we celebrate Easter and the launch of this fun series!
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Our new lead pastor, Rob Stewart is kicking off this new series on Sunday, March 23rd. More info coming soon!

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Ballard Church – Mr. Clean Team!

Do you know how to use a broom? Do you know how to walk a vacuum? Or how about putting a toilet paper roll in the little thingy that holds it? If the answer is no, that is sad! We want to help you learn some important life skills, basic cleaning. This will help attract your future spouse, or if you’re already in a relationship, it will help you keep that relationship going strong… Unless your significant other is just as dirty as you, then that is sad. Regardless, let us help you.

One of the things that is really important to us as a church is cleanliness. People don’t notice when it’s clean, but they sure notice when it’s dirty. We want people to feel welcome, we want parents to know their kids won’t get sick! We want people to feel free to use our restrooms, so they don’t have to hold it until they get home! A clean facility is one of the first things new people see when they come to Ballard Church and we want that first impression to a positive one!

Ballard Church gets dirty, people drop crumbs on the floor mostly unintentionally (some do this intentionally, we’re watching you!), and paper towels and garbage cans all need to be restocked. Do you know who does this at Ballard Church? YOU! BC doesn’t have a paid janitorial service because of people just like you who give a few hours of their Saturdays to help clean the church. It’s not too painful, we pump music and have a good time! If you are interested in hanging out with some cool folks and helping clean the church on Saturdays, email us and we’ll get you plugged in!

To sign up, Email Michi Kozu

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Every student is unique, hipsters, goths, preps, jocks, cheerleaders, superheroes, band geeks, real geeks, you know the jist. That is because as students are growing into adults, they all want to have their own identity. Students all have a common desire to matter, to be accepted and become “awesome”. Ballard Student Ministries exists to simply love our students, encourage them, and most importantly point them towards Jesus. Our desire is to see each any every student meet Jesus, not just study what Jesus was like, but actually encounter him. As our teenagers grow, we want their identity to be in their faith. Faith surpasses clothing trends, pop-culture, music, sports… Faith is forever and deeply influences who we are at the core. There is no better time than when we are students to learn about who Jesus really is! So if your student is 6-8th grade, or you know a student in that age range, bring them by! We promise we don’t bite :)

Questions? Email Sam Sandquist, Youth Director

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In this message series we are going to be looking at some of the toxic influences in our lives, even toxic religion! Sometimes it is difficult for us to determine and fully understand the negative effects that toxic behaviors, friends, emotions and words all play in determining our spiritual and emotional health. During this series we encourage you to take a step back each week and try to allow yourself to get a 360 degree view of your life, friends and priorities to determine if there are some things that God can point out in your life that are toxic and a poisoning to your health and the health of the people around you.


Parent’s Night Out: February 14th from 5:30 – 9:30pm at Ballard Church

Valentines is coming up in just 2 weeks, if you haven’t made childcare plans yet, don’t worry! Drop them off at BC! As a part of a fundraiser for All-star Kid’s Company, our midweek preschool, we will have childcare available from 5:30-9:30pm on February 14th. Drop off or pick up your kiddos anytime in that window. RSVP to ashelyn@ballardchurch.com if you are planning on bringing your kids!

Fun for Kids! Safe! Giant inflatable slide, popcorn, slushies, movies, karioke, crafts, games and more! All ages of kids welcome. Nursery will be open for younger kids and even infants.


If you have committed your life to Christ but have never been baptized, take the plunge on February 9th during our 11am service!

A BIG STATEMENT! Baptism is like making a big announcement to others that you want to follow Jesus, but it doesn’t have to be embarrassing. In the Bible people simply said they wanted to follow Jesus and then they were dipped, simple as that, nothing more. No awkward moments. No long speeches. No embarrassing robes. And no waiting period. And so we teach people the same thing. If you have been thinking about it or putting it off don’t delay any longer, now might be the time to “take the plunge!” And don’t worry about the cold winter in Seattle . . . this baptismal is heated! :)

HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M READY? Some people make the mistake of waiting too long to get baptized. Really, the Bible says if you are a Christian and want to follow Jesus, then you ought to be baptized right away. You don’t have to wait until your “perfect” (because that will never happen) and certainly don’t wait until you have your act together. The only requirement is that you believe in and want to follow Jesus! Taking this next step of baptism is important and it will actually help you grow in your relationship with God.

HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR IT? First of all e-mail us at info@ballardchurch.com and let us know you want to get baptized. We will follow up with you and answer any questions you may have about it. Second, tell all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, everyone you know that you are getting baptized and invite them out to the service to check it out. Third, on baptism Sunday bring a towel and swim trunks. We will provide a dark colored t-shirt for you to wear in the tank and to keep as a souvenir afterwards. To read more about what we believe about baptism check www.ballardchurch.com/baptisms

Watch Kevin share his faith story that lead to his baptism!

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On Sunday, February 2nd, we are opening up the Church to watch the superbowl. If you’re apartment rec. room is already book, bring your party here! Or maybe you’re new to the area and have no friends, don’t be bummed, we’re your friends! Or maybe the government will shut down your power because you googled “nasa” too many times. Whatever the case, bring your own snacks and beverages and as many friends as you want to watch the Seahawks win XLVIII (fingers crossed!).

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New Message Series Begins January 5th!

2014 brings us an opportunity to hit the “reset” button to realign our priorities and goals. Also, to uncover who it is we are called to be for this next year. If you had the opportunity to travel back to January 1st, 2013… What would you tell yourself to do differently? “Put down that cheeseburger”, “pick up your bible”, “stop making prank calls”… The answer is different for all of us, but in this series we will go through some self-reflection to reveal and identify the areas in our lives that we need to change. In our humility, openness to change is the posture we must take to become better christians by the time 2015 rolls around! We often adopt this attitude of “I have it all figured out, I know what I’m doing”, but that stubbornness only leads to complacency. So this January we encourage you to take a closer look at your relationship with God and your relationships with people and through this new message series, ask God to help you Rethink your priorities and goals so that they can align with his plan for your life! 


Serving Seattle Offering – December 2013
Goal: $20,000

Over the past two years, God has been moving at Ballard Church. During this time, our numbers have steadily increased and God has touched numerous lives. Ballard Church has helped hundreds of people come to know Christ, over 50 people follow Jesus through Baptism, our kids ministry has grown from six to 60 AND over 70 people have become Ballard Church members!  

Although we are seeing tons of momentum, Ballard Church has entered into a transitional season. As most of you know, Pastor Paul Diaz has stepped down as the Lead Pastor at Ballard Church. As we trust God through this season at Ballard Church, we need your help to ensure Ballard Church’s momentum and financial stability can.  

As some of you recall, the church received grants and loans to get off the ground. We are proud to say, that at this time Ballard Church is financially self-sustaining. In other words, we can pay our bills. Although that is a HUGE blessing, we know that by partnering with you to raise additional funding for some specific needs and additions at Ballard Church, we can continue to expand God’s Kingdom and grow our community!

The tax-deductible Serving Seattle offering focuses on three areas that we’d like to grow in our ministry in 2014:

    1.    Ballard Church Leadership – BC is run by many dedicated volunteers, as we continue to grow, our need for a ministry staff has expanded.
    2.    Funland Modifications – Funland is an outreach to our community, in the future we want to ensure this facility remains a fun, attractional and safe place for our kids!
    3.    Local & Global Service – Our hope is to continue to expand in our outreach not only to our local community, but to missions abroad.

We humbly ask you to begin praying now, for what God would have YOU give (over and above your regular tithe/offering) to this special offering. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Ballard Church at info@ballardchurch.com

In Him,
The Ballard Church Board of Administration

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