ABIDE'S MISSION IS TO EMPOWER vulnerable families to keep their kids at home and out of orphanages. Abide
works to keep children out of orphanages in Uganda by providing other options to at-risk families.

How We Partner

  1. Awareness We will aim to educate the congregation on the issue of orphanhood, what are the root causes, what are the solutions, and how Abide is approaching this issue. Once we are educated, we can become advocates, and will work with Abide to advocate for this issue in our own community and the world.
  2. Relationship We will aim to create a relationship of depth with Abide, by connecting with families who are receiving services there, as well as the staff providing services. There will be different ways to do this in an ongoing way.
  3. Fundraising We will aim to raise financial support once a year to support Abide's work, which we believe is sustainable, effective, and dignifying.

For more information contact Melissa Cushman of our Global Development Team: global.outreach@ballardchurch.com.

The Ugandan government estimates that 40,000 children in East Africa are living in institutional care. 4 out of 5 children in Ugandan orphanages have families. They are not really ‘orphans’ at all. Research has shown that the leading cause of this separation is family financial instability. Without a strong safety net, desperate caregivers are left with few options and are forced to place their children in a local orphanage.

Abide works with local government officials, orphanages and NGOs to identify at-risk caregivers who are in need of an alternative solution. Through supporting and strengthening families in the southeastern region of Uganda and by providing caregivers the tools necessary to move toward independence they believe the number of children living in institutional care will decrease dramatically.  To date, Abide has helped 300 children and 100 families stay together.