Ballard, Ballard Church, Seattle, Seattle Church, Relationships SeriesIf you are in Seattle and breathing you should definitely join us for the launch of our brand new relationships series “Roomates, Bad Dates, and Great Mates!”

FUN AND MEMORABLE! This is sure to be an unforgettable series filled with laughs and good times at Ballard Church.  We are going to talk about everything regarding relationships from God’s perspective. Whether you are in a relationship, out of a relationship, want a relationship, or hate relationships, you are sure to enjoy this series!

RELATIONSHIPS FIX! We all know relationships can be tricky, but there’s hope for relationships getting better. Let’s face it, a lot of us have experienced some pretty crappy relationships, but the good news is it can be different.  Come find out how this week at one of our two service times at Ballard Church: 9:15am and 11am. Both services are identical and will have identical music and message content.

BRING SOMEBODY! This is a GREAT series to being someone to. Heck, why not bring your roomate? Or your mate? Or your bad date? (okay maybe not your bad date). Well it is February . . . maybe you want to bring that special someone? And maybe this series will help you have that DTR or maybe  you’ll realize that it’s time to CUL (C-You-Later) :) Either way, lot’s of laughs and lot’s of good information from the Bible to help you handle and deal with relationships with all types of people.

So wherever you are at with love, relationships, friendships, and people, we invite you to join us for “Roomates, Bad Dates, and Great Mates” at Ballard Church this weekend!